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    In fact, we can start from two categories: SEO layout optimization and keyword optimization. These two aspects are very important for SEO. A lot of attention is needed. I won't say more about the key words. We all know them very well. In fact, there are some precautions in page layout. Let me focus on it with you.
    Page layout optimization:
    From the perspective of website layout optimization, first of all, a website needs a reasonable optimization in terms of ease of use and user experience. At the same time, when we integrate the concept of SEO, we will get twice the result with half the effort. Through the analysis and understanding of user groups, we will make a careful design and layout of the content links of the website, Make all content links around the website and core keywords to do, according to the core of the page to update the content.
    Plan the core keywords of the website, arrange the column levels according to the important order of keywords, analyze the user needs of column keywords, know what content information users want to find, combine the main keyword information, expand the characteristics of research products, and carry out copywriting planning. For the relatively short keywords searched by users, the user needs are not strong, For users to search relatively short keywords, you can consider using some column pages to do such keywords.
    The key words are subdivided and classified. Enterprises to do such keywords can consider starting from the enterprise product encyclopedia, according to the characteristics of the product segmentation positioning, according to the corresponding keyword classification, layout to each product page.
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