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    來源:http://www.premium-option.com   發布時間:2024-03-30      

    [1] 利用好流量池

    [1] Make good use of the traffic pool


    Tiktok provides a flow pool for every work, no matter whether you are a large or not, and the quality of your work. Whether your work can reach more users depends on its performance in this traffic pool.


    Therefore, we need to attach importance to this traffic pool and find ways to make our works stand out in this traffic pool, based on four evaluation criteria: likes, comments, shares, and completion rate.


    Knowing these four standards, we need to find a way to mobilize all the power you can to like, comment, share, and play the video from the beginning.

    [2] 疊加推薦

    [2] Overlay recommendation


    If your work gives you 100 basic playback traffic and the system recommends it to users who may like your work type, then how many of these 100 users have watched your work in its entirety, liked it, commented on it, followed it, and forwarded your work. Based on these feedback factors, you can judge whether your work is of high quality.



    If it is a work that users like, the platform will make the next wave of recommendations, which may give you 1000 plays, 10000 plays, and each wave is getting stronger. At this point, your work will also start to become popular.

    [3] 時間效應

    [3] Time effect


    We found that some videos did not become popular after being filmed, but suddenly became popular after a few days, a week, or even a month. So this recommendation algorithm is actually quite interesting, as it can dig graves and spark some high-quality old videos.


    So for some videos that you are more optimistic about, even if they are not popular at first, you should continue to give them likes and comments, and share them on your social media. He may not have been recommended this week, but he may be recommended next week.

    [4] 抖音引流6大核心

    [4] Six cores of Tiktok drainage


    Key point 1: The duration of the video needs to exceed 7 seconds.


    Key point 2: Try to prioritize the vertical screen of your work and minimize the horizontal screen as much as possible.


    Key point 3: When uploading videos, it is recommended to select categories and add matching tags.


    Key point 4: Hard implants must not be implanted;


    Key point 5: It is essential not to have watermarks, blurry image quality, or other issues in the video.


    Key point 6: There must be no improper operations, such as the appearance of weapons, inappropriate shots, and visuals.


    This article is provided by Jinan Short Video Operations with technical support. For more detailed and exciting content, please click on our website http://www.premium-option.com We will wholeheartedly provide you with satisfactory service.

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