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    1: Hard advertising placement


    Hard advertising is currently a simple and direct advertising method on short video platforms, which refers to exposing products through paid channels. It is also known as "buying traffic" and is a commonly used marketing method in direct e-commerce.


    2: Content implantation


    Commercial advertising can be divided into soft, hard, and broad content. Content implantation refers to the "soft text" in short video advertising, including adding advertisements to short video content, program naming, oral broadcasting implantation, product exposure, etc. For example, when the Honor mobile phone was released, it collaborated with the internet celebrity office Ono to carry out content implantation, elaborating on product advantages from the perspectives of waterproof performance, collision and fall prevention, and photography algorithms, and maximizing brand exposure.



    3: Content customization


    From the perspective of content, the logic of content customization is similar to that of traditional advertising films, except that it is different from traditional advertisements with longer duration and single dissemination channels. Video advertisements with content customization are more concise, with dense explosive points. Rather than conveying brand information, they hope that their video content can become an interesting story, step out of a single short video platform, and achieve the effect of secondary and multiple dissemination.


    4: Internet celebrity activities


    Internet celebrity activities refer to the use of internet celebrity effects to drive brand marketing, just like traditional advertisers who sign celebrity singers as spokespersons. In short video marketing, the influence of internet celebrities/KOLs can bring more exposure to the brand. The main marketing difficulty lies in the need to develop appropriate promotional plans based on marketing objectives. From selecting cooperative internet celebrities to planning activity plans, it requires a longer time cost and more funds, and also has certain requirements for the platform.


    5: Account operation


    Since 2018, many brand owners have joined short video platforms and opened their own official accounts. In terms of food, there are Wangzai, while digital products such as Xiaomi have achieved good promotional effects. Tiktok and Kwai have also become new product promotion positions for advertisers following Weibo and WeChat official account.


    Step 6: Integrated Marketing


    The so-called integrated marketing refers to overlaying multiple media and marketing forms around a product to achieve a core marketing goal. Integrated marketing is not simply about integrating various marketing models, but about building a marketing matrix that emphasizes the linkage of each marketing, touching on various links such as attention, interest, search, purchase, and sharing.

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